Bunga Bunga Parties, George Clooney, and Ruby the Heart Stealer

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George Clooney Bunga Bunga ScandalIf we started a sentence with the words “George Clooney, Ruby the Heart Stealer, and Silvio Berlusconi” you’d expect it to be followed by “walk into a bar” and then a trite punchline.  That’s not how this story goes.  Somehow a hooker whose handle is “Ruby the Heart Stealer” has been afforded insane amounts of credibility.  And somehow George Clooney finds himself on the witness list of the impending trial.  It’s still hard to figure out how Berlusconi is being held responsible because a lady of the night wasn’t of the age of employment of the world’s oldest profession.  We get it; she was 17-years-old when the convivial dinners Bunga Bunga parties went down, but isn’t that a circumstance better left for her employers to be held liable?  Does she even have legit employers?  We’re not sure how this whole sex for sale business works (as far as you know).

Let’s get something straight—if hookers are rolling all up in your place shouldn’t a man who is trying to get his rocks off be able to assume that these broads are all of age?  One thing’s for sure, it’s going to take an attorney like Mick Haller to get Italy’s prime minister acquitted of these charges.  After all, he specializes in getting dudes freed from charges of doing shady shit with harlots. That seems like just what Berlusconi is going to need on beginning on April 6th, when the trial kicks off.

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