Ryan Murphy Sounds Embarrassed, But Rock Stars Still Not Sharing the Glee

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A funny thing happens when the “nicest guy in rock and roll” calls you on your shit. Surprise! It’s back-peddling time! Which is exactly what Glee show runner Ryan Murphy did this week after Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters/Them Crooked Vultures—perhaps you’ve heard of him?), sided with Murphy’s sworn enemy, Kings of Leon, in the fight instigated by Murphy way back in a December interview given to The Hollywood Reporter.

Missed it? Here’s a recap:

Murphy: Hey, Kings of Leon! You guys are so rad. We totally want to use your songs on Glee. Naturally, since we’re the biggest show in the world right now, you’ll want to say yes.

KOL: Um, yeah, dude, we don’t watch that … think we’ll pass.

Murphy: “F— you, Kings of Leon.” (Stomping temper fit) “They’re self-centered assholes, and they missed the big picture.”

Meanwhile, Murphy, who is indisputably a creative genius—it’s not everyone who can create a hit show, let alone two—also managed to refer to legendary guitarist Slash as washed-up, uneducated, and stupid. Turns out, this was probably the move that angered the Foo Fighters, a band for which he has some measure of self-professed fan boy love. Now, now, it’s not all jabs and barbs (well, no, actually, it is): This foot-in-mouthed EP does have Sir Elton John on his side (who just last Thursday offered up the advice of “Lighten up” to the rock stars in question) … BUT—we all know that when we manage to offend someone we like and respect to the point where they’re calling you a douche in the press, that’s where you gotta stop and think to yourself: “Uh-oh.”

Of course, the question that follows is this: Is Murphy too little too late on the damage control? Has he ostracized himself from an entire genre or is his public almost-apology enough to appease the rock gods? And most importantly, are you on Team Glee or Team Rock? Alternate option: The entire argument has been blown out of proportion by the media—pleading not guilty over here, we didn’t start the fire. It was always burning since our world’s been turning. Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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