Folks Pay Sinner To Care For Their Pets After They Go To Heaven In The Rapture Tomorrow

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Published on May 20, 2011 with 3 Comments

Whatever your stance on the existence of god, you may—nay, probably—think Harold Camping’s claim that up to 200 million people will be swept up to heaven tomorrow while the rest writhe in the Tribulation is, well, bullshit. After all, he’s tried predicting the End Times once before, in 1994. While some might argue that it wasn’t the best year ever (NAFTA, Lorena Bobbit’s not-guilty verdict, Kurt Cobain died), the end didn’t come. Plenty of religious people say Camping is wrong again, and that’s certainly what all the atheists who plan to get their party-geddon on tomorrow think.

However, plenty of people do believe this nutjob, and as the BBC reports, they’re willing to pay for assurance that their pets won’t be left alone to starve after they’re taken to heaven.

An atheist and entrepreneur from North Hampshire, Bart Centre, is enjoying a boost in business for Eternal Earth-bound Pets, which he set up to look after the pets of those who believe they will be raptured.

He has more than 250 clients who are paying up to $135 (£83) to have their pets picked up and cared for after the rapture.

$135 is a great deal for pick-up and pet care after you’re saved. Of course, I’m not sure why people would give money to someone who expects to remain on earth after the Rapture. Presumably, they’re a sinner, and sinners aren’t known as the most trustworthy lot.

Furthermore, that pets would be left behind does cast doubt on one of my most dearly-held beliefs: that all dogs do, in fact, go to heaven. If there’s no room for them in the Holy Station Wagon when God comes to pick non-sinners up from Human School, it’s probably not a ride I want to take, anyway.

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