VH1 Veers Back Toward Music With Return of ‘Pop Up Video’

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Published on May 25, 2011 with No Comments

Once upon a time, when sick days just meant avoiding class and not accumulating more email than I could ever possibly catch up on, a day spent at home inevitably included an episode or two of Pop Up Video, the VH1 series so popular and pervasive that it was even spoofed on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Pop Up Video remains, to this day, one of the biggest reasons I’ve ever succeeded at bar trivia, and probably contributed greatly to my sense of humor as a teenager. When it disappeared from the cable station in 2002, paving the way for VH1′s expansive reality—and decidedly non-musical—programming, I was a little crushed. And anytime VH1 Classic airs an episode, I try to catch it (or at least record it on the DVR).

Happily for me and other children of the 90s, Pop Up Video is slated to return to the cable network, with co-creator Woody Thompson at the helm. My love of irony and innuendo are thrilled—as am I.

And yes. I really did just Rickroll you.

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