Summer Reading: ‘The Jersey Shore,’ Jen A. Miller

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Move over, J-Woww: there’s another Jen at the Jersey Shore, and she’s here to save the Shore’s reputation from the likes of you.

I’m talking about Jen A. Miller, travel writer and New Jersey native, whose book The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May (The Countryman Price, $19.95 retail) hits shelves in its second edition version today. Miller has made a career out of her Shore expertise, covering the destination in publications including The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and providing the inside scoop on Shore news on her blog, acquiring quite a following on the way.

The Jersey Shore is written in the breezy, colloquial tone of Miller’s blog, making it seem like you’re getting vacation advice from a close friend instead of an Expert Author. It’s undeniable that she knows her stuff (Miller covers six distinct shore towns), but with advice like: “This is probably the best spot if you’re hoping not to be run over by the massive crowds that hit North Wildwood …” and “Even though it isn’t technically allowed, people bring their dogs to this beach. No one’s there to say no,” the book is more personable than the traditional guidebook. Unafraid of the first person or even the occasional photo of herself taking in a Shore town’s attractions, Miller hops from beach to boardwalk and back again, capturing not just the place but the spirit of it. The area Miller writes of is white sand beaches and pier arcades; historic hotels and trendy restaurants; it’s sometimes family-friendly, and always a delightful way to pass a summer day.

It’s not the Jersey Shore you see on TV—but it should be.

Jen A. Miller’s The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May hits shelves today, and is available online. Miller is also hosting a launch party for her book this Wednesday, June 8, at Lucy’s Hat Shop in Philadelphia. Admission (to be donated to the “Lucy” elephant sculpture in Margate, NJ) is $25, and includes a signed copy of the book.

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