Is 51-year-old Actor Doug Hutchinson a Perv for Marrying 16-Year-Old Singer Courtney Stodden?

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Published on June 21, 2011 with 7 Comments

You may remember actor Doug Hutchinson from his role in The Green Mile. From now on, you’ll probably remember him as the 51-year-old guy who married the 16-year-old singer, Courtney Stodden. Maybe our framing of the question in the headline made our position on the issue clear, but just in case, please allow us to elaborate:


The couple told E!, although not in so many words, that they know it looks gross, but it’s really just love. Isn’t sixteen too young to get married? It is, at least in Nevada. Unless you have permission from a parent. As PopEater reports, that must have been the case here. Let me go first-person here for a moment. I recently turned twenty-eight and if one of my friends told me he was “talking” to a 16-year-old, whether or not it was legal in our state, I would seriously question his moral compass.

Perhaps the parental permission thing should absolve Hutchinson of much of the creep-factor, leading us to assume his intentions have been vetted by Stodden’s loving guardians. But it doesn’t. He may be a wonderful guy, but any adult who considers a 16-year-old person as a romantic option deserves some skepticism. There’s also the pesky fact that Stodden is likely to be, as we all know from reminiscing about our own teenage years, a completely different person in about five years.

When is the last time you read Hutchinson’s name in the paper? Stodden’s? Exactly. Maybe this marriage between two lesser-knowns was publicized to the press in the hopes of getting them both some increased mindshare. I can’t imagine it’s the type anyone would want, but I guess any publicity is good publicity, right?

What’s your take? Is Hutchinson just a young-at-heart fella who has finally found the creepy father-daughter relationship love of his life, or is he gross? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ross Currie

    Wait, this is what’s passing for 16 these days?!

  • Allison K.

    I agree. After looking at her website I don’t think there’s any way in hell that women is 16. Regardless, still way too creepy. 

  • Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey

    According to Celebuzz, there’s some question about the age.  A modeling website lists her as 17 but the record seemed dated, so she might be older.

  • Andrew Johnston

    16 is wicked creepy.  Although, if that girl was in a bar drinking, I would never once question that she was younger than 21. 

    I wonder how the statutory rape laws treat being married to someone younger than the age of consent?

  • Ross Currie
  • Sam Dell-martin

    thats so messed up and anybody disagrees, theyre either blinded by extreme pc-ness or they clinically insane

  • Sam Dell-martin

    thats so messed up and if anybody disagrees, theyre either blinded by extreme pc-ness or they clinically insane (even though theyr are pretty much the same thing)

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