How Gay Is Your State?

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Published on June 27, 2011 with No Comments

With this weekend’s historic passing of the Marriage Equality Act in the state of New York, and an abundance of #equalityforall hashtags throughout the Twitterverse, it’s hard to forget that there is, in fact, not marriage equality for everyone in the United States. One look at the map above shows a slew of states holding firm to a policy of inequality for same-sex partners, while still others are a mess of striped indecision.

So what gives, America? Don’t the rest of the states like love and fairness and freedom? Don’t they like the inevitable economic boost the legalization of same-sex marriage brings with it (for those concerned with dollars over sense)? Don’t they support the “unalienable Right” to the “pursuit of Happiness”? And seriously, doesn’t your state want to be as cool as Iowa—lone, brave little blue Iowa, holding strong in the center of the country, standing up for what’s right—equal rights for all?


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