Hey, Didn’t We See That Movie Before?

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Published on June 29, 2011 with 1 Comment


Although I’ll probably end up seeing Friends With Benefits (my love for Justin Timberlake dates back to the 90s, yo), I can’t help but feel disappointed that Hollywood has yet again failed to produce original content. Not only is FWB a rip-off of another movie, it’s a rip-off of a movie that came out earlier this year. Just watch the video above.

Not only that, but, there’s something weird going on in the casting here. It’s almost like Mila Kunis was jealous that Natalie Portman got the Oscar for Black Swan and the Ashton Kutcher soft-core scene (something that would never have flown in That 70s Show) in No Strings Attached, so she decided to make the same movie, but make it better. Not only does it win for having JT, everyone’s favorite triple-threat, as the male lead, but any movie with Woody Harrelson gets bonus points. I think the scores are all tied up now, Mila.  Just keep away from Benjamin Millepied. He’s not yours.

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  • Gino the Filipino

    Loved that JT made fun of this in that SNL skit that didn’t make it on the air.

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