Charlie Sheen Refuses To Go Away

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Charlie Sheen was all over the entertainment blogs again yesterday, this time for confessing that he took steroids while preparing for his role as Ricky Vaughn in the 1989 classic Major League. This would be shocking news … from anyone other than Charlie Sheen. Because in light of his candor these last few months, we’re really left to wonder: is there anything Charlie Sheen hasn’t taken?

Sheen’s admission—that he took drugs that were probably less illegal* than the kind he usually took—surely came as a relief to Jason Alexander, who earlier in the day had tweeted: “Casey, Blago, Weiner, Bulger, Debt Ceiling, Gay Marriage, Middle East, — what the hell happened to Charlie Sheen???!!!!!”

We hope you’re happy, Costanza. We hope you’re happy.

*Just because steroids are banned in professional sports doesn’t mean that they’re banned in the general population. Because Sheen didn’t say what steroids he took, we can’t tell for sure whether he was, in fact, breaking the law—or whether he was simply being stupid.

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