Season 5 of ‘The Guild’ Continues Hilarious, Good-Natured Roast of Gamer Culture

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Published on August 04, 2011 with No Comments

Forbes recently published a glowing piece on Felicia Day‘s wildly successful web series The Guild. It talks about how her television roles pale in comparison to the fulfillment she gets from running her own show. Which reminded me, season five of The Guild is already well under way, with two episodes out. You may be more on top of their schedule than I am, but it was welcome news to me. Admittedly, the fiancé and I enjoyed sitting through the first several seasons en masse since, by the time we learned of the series, they were all available on our Xbox 360. The series maintains a pitch-perfect continuity from one five-to-eight-minute episode to another, so watching a whole season in one sitting is a very enjoyable experience.

I don’t know if I can wait this time, though. Each episode lovingly skewers a few new gamer clichés and tropes, and since Day is one of our own, the caricatures feel self-effacing instead of hostile. It also doesn’t hurt that the series is consistently laugh-your-ass-off hilarious, at least to its core audience. And really, who else matters? With sponsorship from Sprint and a distribution deal with Microsoft, The Guild has money and reach enough to find its way to the niche group it knows best: gamer geeks.

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