Today In Awesome Stuff That Nobody Really Needs (But People Buy Anyway): Mollycoddle Soap

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Published on August 15, 2011 with 1 Comment

Mollycoddle Soap by Kelly McDowell-DeVries

I’m a member of, Rue La La, One King’s Lane. I get emails from The Foundary, Macy’s, ModCloth, and Groupon, LivingSocial, Eversave, Etsy, Amazon (especially Amazon)—you name it, I’ve probably shopped it. The internet is a wealth of never-have-to-leave-my-house buying options. Now, like a sensible person, I have a Gmail filter set up to catch these tempting offers and sort them away from my regular correspondence. I neither need, nor want, nor can afford to spend money on silly things on a daily or weekly basis just because the internet tells me it’s a great deal. The internet often lies.

However, today a shiny new email slipped by said filters and hit my inbox. “Humorous & Unique Soaps,” it said. I was intrigued.  Aren’t decorative soaps way over? I haven’t seen a molded duck or seashell in a bathroom in ages. Yet, when I clicked into the email and the images popped up, what should appear but cotton candy pink grenade. Who needs pink grenade soap? Nobody. But did that stop me from following the link to the main site? No, indeed.

Mollycoddle Soaps are little pieces of vibrant quirk. There’s an array of inedible delicacies: cookies, donuts, candies, cupcakes, french fries, bacon and eggs, and even shrimp. There are old-school roses, yes, but also creepy baby faces, detached baby arms, and glow-in-the-dark skulls. The novelty soaps designed by Kelly McDowell-DeVries are made from vegan glycerin and when not on sale at, are regularly available on Etsy. They may not be in any way necessary, and I’m certainly not going break-free of my current self-imposed shopping ban and order a batch, but for anyone looking for a way to bring a little bit of humor and color into an otherwise dull bathroom Mollycoddle certainly could be the way to go.


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