We Can Haz Philly Geek Awards Nomination For Best New Blog!

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Published on August 17, 2011 with No Comments

The Philly Geek Awards Homepage

When we began posting in earnest back in April, our goal was to build something fun. Well over one hundred posts later, it’s safe to say we’ve accomplished that goal. We all love writing this stuff and we’re really comfortable in and proud of our new web digs. Engagement from good people like you is the best indicator that things are going well, and things are going quite well. But we’re not (only) writing to tell you how happy we are with ourselves. We’re writing because we’re proud nominees in the first Philly Geek Awards!

Eric Smith and company tossed us a nomination for Best New Blog. Other nominee blogs include Constitution Daily, DrinkPhilly.comMessage with a Bottle, and Tek Lado. That’s some fierce competition from some really awesome blogs, so we’re not declaring victory by any stretch. We’re happy just to be among such a wonderful group of nominees, and if you haven’t visited any of their sites yet, definitely check them out today.

Nominations are always an honor, but the real fun starts at the ceremony, and we’re excited about the festivities planned for this Friday at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. The sold-out event will include a cocktail hour, Academy exhibits, and well over three hundred local geeks and their dates! You can bet we’ll be tweeting our hearts out through it all, so if you’re a Twitter geek, follow us at twitter.com/keypulp for all the event night gossip.



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