Kennel Confidential: Oral Fixation

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Published on August 19, 2011 with No Comments

A list of things that Gracie has chewed to the point of destruction:

  • At least three tennis balls.
  • Two dozen rawhide sticks (though, to be fair, those are meant to be eaten).
  • Countless pieces of paper, generally retrieved from trash cans.
  • The plastic cap covering a screw on my desk chair—impressive, considering that she managed to remove it first.
  • A box containing a toner cartridge, although thankfully the toner cartridge itself escaped unharmed.
  • Two gel pens—while lying on a very expensive oriental rug that we’ve yet to get completely clean.
  • The lower third of the molding on one side of a doorframe.

I know a bored dog is a destructive dog. But Gracie can’t possibly be bored—not with all of the toys she has lying around the house. No, her destructive tendencies come from somewhere else entirely: a need for attention. If we’re on the phone, cooking dinner, taking a nap, Gracie is bound, set, and determined to do something that will distract us—even if it’s something she’s going to get in trouble for. Her mastery of the “I’m-sorry-don’t-be-mad” face is remarkable.

And after, when we give her a Nylabone and she curls up at our feet, grateful to have gotten our attention and to have been given still another toy, we can’t help but forgive her all her sins. Even the expensive ones that lead to carpentry and rug cleaning.

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