Congratulations to Drink Philly And All the Other Winners of the Philly Geek Awards!

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This past Friday saw the Academy of Natural Sciences filled quite literally to capacity with the geeks of Philadelphia. The first-ever Philly Geek Awards was, by any definition, a huge success. We told you we were excited, and boy were we right to be! Everyone was dressed to the nines, with some folks going the extra mile with things like Tardis dresses, R2D2 helmets, and Tron identity disks.

Some folks were squinting through the crowd trying to match attendees to their Twitter avatars. Others were furiously tapping away at their smartphone’s touchscreen, trying to capture the magic of the night in 140 characters or less.

If you were unlucky enough not to have been in attendance, Philly Chit Chat’s HughE Dillon has some great photos up on his website. There’s also the official Geekadelphia recap post, which lists all the presenters, nominees, and winners. Geekadelphian extraordinaire Michaelangelo Ilagan (who ended up on the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News) took over sixty photos, as well, so check them out.

The awards ceremony culminated in‘s winning the Best New Blog category. While everyone wants to win at such a fancy shindig, including all of us at KeyPulp, we were proud to be among the nominees for the night’s capstone award. Drink Philly are some awesome folks, and we want to congratulate them for taking it home!

We had an amazing time, and if you were unable to make it for one reason or another, we’re truly sorry for your deep and irreplaceable loss. Let’s hope this year’s event was only the first of many.

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