VA-Centered Quake Measured 5.9, Felt From South Carolina to Ohio

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If you’re anywhere on the East Coast, or on Twitter or Facebook for that matter, you know by now that an earthquake hit Virginia and was felt up and down the coast. We hope everyone is okay, if not a little nervous. After all, many East Coasters have never experienced a quake before. The epicenter was about a half-mile below the earth’s surface in a place called Mineral, Virginia. While one official with the US Geological Survey told the Washington Post aftershocks are likely, how far from the epicenter they may extend is unclear.

"A" marks the epicenter, in Mineral, VA

The small 400-person town of Mineral, Virginia is being reported as the epicenter. Washington, DC saw some structural damage and minor injuries, and some reports place the quake’s distant effects as far away as Ohio.

My office chair began slowly moving back and forth on the plastic floor mat underneath it, while pictures and loose papers began shaking. We quickly left the building and found that all the offices in Philadelphia’s Center City West area had done the same. Cell service was spotty at best, and I saw many folks trying and failing to make calls on their cell phones.

The screenshot above is from the USGS page about this quake, and you can get more information about it there.

If you felt some shaking earlier today, let us know about your experience in the comments.



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