Today In Awesome Stuff That Nobody Really Needs (But People Buy Anyway): Star Trek Pizza Cutter

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Published on August 29, 2011 with No Comments

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter from ThinkGeek

In a stunning turn of events, I actually own this week’s unnecessary piece of awesomesauce. (Hehe: awesomesauce, pizza cutter—what? I like terrible puns. Sue me.) After commiserate admiring of this little stainless beauty on ThinkGeek, a friend of mine went ahead and bought it for me as a birthday gift.

I’ve had it for almost a year now, and I can safely say I’ve never actually used this specific utensil. But if I ever ordered pizza that came uncut, I’d certainly remember that I have the Starship Enterprise is in my kitchen drawer to slice through that doughy entanglement. And I’d expect at least one of my fantastically nerdy friends to hum the Next Generation theme song as they waited for a portion of cheesy deliciousness.

The Enterprise pizza cutter is fully recommended for at-home pizza-makers (Maybe one day I’ll feature a pizza stone in this series—I mean, seriously, who makes their own pizza? Ordering out is half the joy of having pizza in the first place.), über-nerds, and anyone who likes to cut-up with a little bit of panache.  Furthermore, for the extreme Trekkie—you’re in luck. Other not-quite-entirely useless (As opposed to that uniform you’re got hanging in your closet. These are better. You can display them in public.) Star Trek-themed kitchen items from ThinkGeek include an Enterprise Bottle Opener and the Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork. Go! Boldly shop where you’ve never shopped before.


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