Muppets to Appear on WWE RAW Halloween Episode

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Published on September 20, 2011 with No Comments

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you already know: The Muppets are meeting the wrestlers. And I can’t help it. I’m absolutely giddy with glee that two of my favorite childhood TV phenomena are coming together. And on Halloween, no less.

Of course, hard-core professional wrestling fans are probably less than pleased that some “puppets” are interrupting their “sports entertainment.” They’ll likely be even less than pleased with the level of ridiculousness the Muppets are sure to bring to the small screen in anticipation of their Thanksgiving feature film. But seriously folks, isn’t professional wrestling inherently ridiculous? Isn’t that why we love it so? Violence and soap opera-level absurdity, melting into one hot eye-popping snack?

Things I’d love to see happen on this very special episode (not an after-school “very special episode,” but more like kick-ass amazing hilarous very special epsiode):

  • Kermit delivering a figure four leg-lock. On anyone.
  • Gonzo in a tuxedo, ring side announcing with JR.  And Camilla the chicken, obviously.
  • Miss Piggy flying through the air with the greatest of ease, off the turnbuckle, and directly into the face of The Miz.
  • Animal and CM Punk discussing the finer points of being straight edge.
  • A Statler and Waldorf segment. Even better if it occurs in the vicinity of a McMahon.

The WWE is promo-ing a jealous Piggy (what else is new) possibly attacking some Divas and Beaker being confused for Sheamus, but there’s so much potential material that could be gold here, there’s no way the Muppets appearance will be to be limited to just that. There is one potential hazard here and it is this: announcing the Muppets will host, and then showing no Muppet wrestling. That’s just a tease.

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