Operation Hackerazzi Arrests Hacker Who Leaked Nude Scarlett Johansson Photo

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Christopher Chaney is allegedly a hacker. In fact, he is the first hacker of celebrities (not celebrity hacker, mind you) we have heard of. Mr. Chaney is accused of accessing the computers or online accounts of over fifty people. Many of those people are very famous, including Scarlett Johansson. We hope she doesn’t mind the image we made—there were others around, thanks to Mr. Chaney, but we’re too classy to use them.

The 35-year-old took some time out recently to tell CNN he “deeply” apologizes for his conduct. It’s a little strange that neither the CNN story nor any other we could find makes any mention of Mr. Chaney’s attorney, or whether or not he has one. When the FBI hauls you in and asks the U.S. Attorney to charge you with twenty-six violations of federal law (PDF), it’s time to consider representation. And if he does have one, and they haven’t filed a guilty plea yet, the fact that he’s letting Mr. Chaney tell CNN he’s sorry for committing the crimes is bewildering.

Assuming he’s guilty (the courts can’t do it, but bloggers can, especially when the guy apologizes…), that’s one less hacker celebs have to worry about. If the FBI’s mad investigation-naming skills are any indication, “Operation Hackerazzi” will likely nab other invader’s of celebrity privacy. Our advice in the meantime? Consider restricting your nude-photo sharing to your bathroom mirror.

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