Holy Shat!

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Published on October 20, 2011 with No Comments

Love him or hate him (but really, who could hate him?), you’ve gotta admit: William Shatner has an amazing ability to avoid taking himself seriously. Whether his infamous cover of “Rocket Man” was in earnest or just a big joke remains up for debate, but in the years since, Shatner has transcended the role of “actor” and become something unique unto himself: an entertainer who shapes his roles, rather than becoming them. Truly, there’s very little distinction between Shat-as-Denny Crane and the Shat who roasted Charlie Sheen, and that’s probably why he remains one of the most endearing celebrities of his time. But not just his time: as you’ll see from the video above, Shatner’s still relevant in our time, producing, to promote his new album Seeking Major Tom one of the most cosmically (literally) awesome videos … well, possibly ever. Watch it. Share it. Your life will change forever.

Long live Shat.


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