Philadelphia Film Festival is Officially Open

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Philadelphia is known more for its attitude than its (many) arts festivals. For a town recognized most for its rowdy crowds, flung batteries, and for snowball and other more violent fights, it’s only fitting that when it comes to film festivals, there are two warring factions in town. Only, it’s possible they’re not warring anymore. It’s possible that Cinefest, the annual spring festival formerly put on by TLA Video and now run by the Philadelphia Cinema Alliance, has a full page ad in the Philadelphia Film Society‘s fall Philadelphia Film Festival. So it looks like the fair city where KeyPulp is based now has two peacefully cohabitatiing film festivals, one of which opened last night with a gala screening of Sundance Grand Jury Winner Like Crazy.

But what does this mean for you, KeyPulp reader? Well, if you’re in Philadelphia it means the opportunity to see some great cinematic works because the Philadelphia Film Festival is pulling out all the stops for its 20th Anniversary. It also means we’ll be bringing you reviews of some amazing films in the next few weeks. Films like Meloncholia from Lars Von Trier, Shame from Steve McQueen, and Anonymous from Roland Emmerich are just a few of the heavy-hitting Hollywood features showing at various venues. Closing-night special The Descendants, starring George Clooney and directed by Alexander Payne packs in the star power, and short film The Dungeon Master, written and directed by brothers Shiloh and Rider Strong, delivers nostalgia (you know you loved Boy Meets World) and quirk. The rest of the fest is peppered with foreign flicks, docs, and various ranges of indie cred.

Our inner film nerd is excited. How about you?


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