Best Week in Trailers Ever, or Best Week in Trailers Ever?

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Published on November 17, 2011 with No Comments

So with all the hype surrounding Monday’s release of the first full trailer for The Hunger Games, it was already a pretty big week for trailer talk on the Interwebs. (Never has Woody Harrelson’s … “hair” … spurred so much talk.) The review are mostly positive, but with some definite voices of concern. So if the Hunger Games trailer left you feeling underwhelmed, distraught, or no longer optimistic about the movie, shut the hell up and wait til it comes out before passing judgment the good folks at Pixar are here to pick up your spirits with the first trailer for next summer’s Brave:

So, readers, which ass-kicking, bow-and-arrow-wielding young woman are you backing—Katniss or Merida? And yes, “Both!” is a totally acceptable response.

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