Today In Awesome Stuff That Nobody Really Needs (But People Buy Anyway): Whiskey Stones

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Published on November 29, 2011 with No Comments

Soapstone Whiskey Rocks from Uncommon Goods

When it comes to drinking good Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky, I have a firm “neat” policy.  I rarely open them up, even at cask strength, and when I do, it’s never with ice. Some people like to add a little bit of water to free the bouquet of the booze, and that’s okay, but ice … well, ice is not. Simply put, ice fucks everything up and what you’re tasting is not what you’re meant to taste (you already know better than to make mixed drinks with the caliber of liquor I’m talking about, right?).

I guess, then, some people—those who put ice in their Scotch because they like it chilled—actually do need today’s “Awesome Stuff” item. Available anywhere from Sur La Table and Teroforma to Uncommon Goods and Think Geek, whiskey stones are a great gift idea for any cold-loving whiskey/whisky (not ArKay, that’s just ridiculous) drinker. While all of the above links are for soapstone rocks, I’ve also managed to stumble upon ”Sea Stone Granite Chillers” on Amazon. These two types of stone both manage to hold temperature, while being mostly non-porous and odorless, making them the ideal replacement for sad, soggy, and destructive ice cubes.

So, now that I’ve shown you the error of your ice-using ways—what are you waiting for? Rocks away!

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