How Zooey Deschanel Won The Fall

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Published on December 14, 2011 with No Comments

I know several people who hate Zooey Deschanel. I’m not talking moderate indifference here. These people have a deep and abiding loathing for the cute brunette actress/musician/web mistress. Where this mega-hatred comes from, I’m not so sure. It’s not that it hasn’t been explained to me; it has.  However, every explanation seems more and more irrational. Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable how successful Ms. Deschanel’s trademark obnoxiously adorable has been lately.

This fall Fox rolled up and re-branded her particular brand of pretty/perky/peculiar into the character of “Jess” on what is arguably the best new sitcom of the season: New Girl . Honestly, I was concerned at the first few episodes. Was this going to be Deschanel perpetually getting her little girly self into trouble with her trio of male roommates triumphantly riding to the rescue? Fortunately, no. The character of Jess slowly begins to pick up the pieces after her break-up and also begins to hold her own against the three men, indeed, even occasionally rescuing them. And the show has only gotten funnier as the season has gone on. New Girl is sort of a fresh iteration of Friends. Or a less geeky version of The Big Bang Theory. The ensemble cast has nicely-evolving individual characters and great comedic chemistry. Okay, so occasionally it’s hard to ignore the voices of my hater friends saying, “But she’s so annoying!” They’re right, but here’s where the genius of the the whole thing comes into play. Deschanel as Jess can be extraordinarily annoying, but she’s supposed to be.  Each character in this cast has their little horrifying ticks. It’s the reaction of the roommates to these flaws that makes the scenarios that unfold on New Girl hilarious.

New Girl might be the main reason everyone is talking about Deschanel right now, but she’s not without other successes this fall (remember, winter solstice doesn’t occur until December 22nd, so despite what the winter-wonderland holiday advertisers want you to believe, it’s still fall). She & Him—the “she” being Deschanel and the “him” being M. Ward has a new Christmas album out, and the entertainment website Hello Giggles founded by Deschanel, producer Sofia Rossi, and web personality Molly McAleer continues to gather an audience … and point them right back in the direction of New Girl with a variety of brightly-colored banners prominently advertising the show.

So, sure, ”adorkable”  is not a word (“Stop trying to make “fetch” happen! It’s not going to happen!”). And yes, the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing was a bad date to proclaim “Bestie Day.” You can cite these things as foul and hate on Zooey Deschanel all you want. The point is: even the haters are paying attention.

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