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Published on January 11, 2012 with No Comments

KeyPulp published its first post on April 4, 2011, entitled For Those About to Read: We Salute You. Nine months later, we’re a little nervous and a lot excited to plan our shift out of beta, marked by a slight shift in focus. When we launched KeyPulp, the editors wanted to build a site that “could combine all of their interests and all of the things they love best about the Internet and present them in a way that would be fun, interesting, and above all, unique.” We did just that, and it has been a lot of fun. But the truth is that all engaging blogs share one very important characteristic: focus.

Whether they’re serving local geeks like our great friends at Geekadelphia, critiquing the technology space through a very Apple-y lens like John Gruber’s Daring Fireball, or doling out sensational stories about the legal profession like Above the Law, great blogs usually examine a relatively narrow set of topics, and do it really well. The four KeyPulp editors met as editors at Phillyist, and left that gig, among other reasons, because we wanted more control over our editorial voice. Now that we have that, we’ve decided that the best way to serve our diverse set of interests is by bringing the focus back to what we know best: our city.

KeyPulp will be re-branded as “KeyPulp Philadelphia” as we transition out of beta. The diversity of Philly-focused websites is no accident: there’s just so much going here. KeyPulp Philadelphia will give us the opportunity to present a unique take on Philly, curating all of our favorite stories and topics in one place. Our return to a focus on Philly is just that, though: a focus. We’re not boxing ourselves in, and we’ll still be covering national and international stories that we find really interesting. After all, Philly’s own arts, culture, food, technology and other spaces are part of a worldwide interplay of innovation. Our focus on Philly will be our anchor, but we’ll be looking for fascinating stories from all over the country and world, as well.

While we finish making the changes needed for this new direction, feel free to browse our archives.

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Joe Ross is one of the cofounders of KeyPulp. A law student, gadget geek and sci-fi fanatic, Joe also enjoys playing music, matching wits with kittens, and being proven wrong by his beautiful fiancée. Note: Joe writes about legal stuff sometimes. None of that is legal advice and it should never be construed as such. | 

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