KeyPulp Week In Review: Philly Foursquare Badge Edition

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Welcome to the first KeyPulp Week In Review, a new series wherein we fill your Friday afternoon with links to the most interesting, strange, or must-read stuff on the web.

Geekadelphia: BREAKING: Philadelphia Gets Foursquare Phanatic Badge, Go Get It!
By Allie Harcharek
Philly’s epicenter for all things geek, Geekadelphia was instrumental in getting Philly location sharing junkies their first homegrown badge.

CBS Philly: SEPTA Transit Police Go On Strike Without Warning
When negotiations between Philly’s public transit system and the officers who patrol it broke down on Wednesday, transit police went on strike almost immediately.

Mashable: The Copyright Question: How to Protect Yourself on Pinterest
By Gonzalo E. Mon
We know lots of you are on Pinterest, sharing photos of awesome stuff you either have or, more commonly for many of us, really, really want. Mr. Mon breaks down who owns what, and who might be liable for infringement. It’s a must-read for Pinterest users.

io9: Watch Kurt Vonnegut recall the bombing of Dresden in his final years
By Cyriaque Lamar
Brilliant late author Kurt Vonnegut was present at the firebombing of Dresden, Germany during the Second World War. His novel Slaughter-House Five was partially based on his experiences at Dresden. Vonnegut speaks frankly about Dresden, writing and tragedy generally, and his words are worth hearing.

The Verge: Zynga buys ‘Draw Something’ maker OMGPOP
By Vlad Savov
Zynga, makers of FarmVille and Words With Friends purchased OMGPOP, makers of Draw Something, for almost $200 million. Facebook is no longer just a very valuable company. It’s a very valuable company that provides a platform for other very valuable companies to challenge and buy one another. Your data and usage patterns are the product here, and advertising and other companies are the consumer. That’s worth keeping in mind.

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