Officially Placing KeyPulp in Cryostasis

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Published on September 11, 2012 with No Comments

Dear Internet,

We know the title of this post is shamelessly science fiction-inspired, but it’s appropriate. KeyPulp has actually been on hiatus for almost five months, so this update is late in coming, and for that we’re sorry.

KeyPulp’s founding editors created this site over a year ago because we enjoy writing and working together. Our interests are varied enough — technology, film and theatre, sports, music, and politics — that it felt like a good idea to create a place that would accomodate that variation. We were happy with what we built, and honored to garner a nomination in the first annual Philly Geek Awards. We hoped to grow our team beyond the five founding editors, and maybe even to expand our scope of coverage even further.

Things did not go as we planned. We got busy with new jobs and engagements and families and all of the other things that tend to take precedence over ancillary labors of love.

And here we are.

We all hope that something wonderful happens at KeyPulp or is inspired by it some day, but the truth is that it may require time we don’t have. In the meantime, you can find us all on Twitter, and you can reach us in our KeyPulp-ian capacity any time at editors (at) keypulp (dot) com. Thanks to everyone who read us and encouraged us, it meant a lot and it still does.


Jill, Allison, Andrew, Ross, and Joe

KeyPulp’s Founding Editors

About Joe Ross

Joe Ross is one of the cofounders of KeyPulp. A law student, gadget geek and sci-fi fanatic, Joe also enjoys playing music, matching wits with kittens, and being proven wrong by his beautiful fiancée. Note: Joe writes about legal stuff sometimes. None of that is legal advice and it should never be construed as such. | 

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