KeyPulp is an arts and lifestyle blog covering events and entertainment, music, food and drink, celebrity gossip, and hot topics. From casting rumors, to interviews with bands, to theatre reviews, we cover all culture that is, or might someday be, pop.

Based in Philadelphia but focused widely, KeyPulp takes inspiration from its headquarter-city’s most famous late denizen, Benjamin Franklin. An independent publisher himself, Franklin’s “key” wasn’t just an object—used in his most famous experiment—but also an ethos: Franklin did not merely present the news, but unlocked the details.

Editors: Ross Currie, Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey, Andrew Johnston, Allison Krumm, Joe Ross
Contributors: Tom Ballingall, Pamela Charles, Jenn DiSanto, Mike Gallagher, Erica Maxwell, Steve Rauscher, Elizabeth Wiggins, Inbar Gilboa Yagur

To contact the editors of KeyPulp, email editors [at] keypulp [dot] com or see our tips page.

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